Choosing the Right Paper for Your Art Prints

Fine art prints are an excellent way to add personality to your space. However, choosing the right type of paper for your print can sound like a difficult task. To help make this process easier, we’ve broken down each paper type and their defining characteristics. In addition to this, we also explain the giclée printing process so you can make an informed decision about which type of paper is best for your prints.

TIP: Choosing the type of paper that most closely mimics the original medium of the artwork can lend an authentic look and feel to your art piece. We recommend fine art paper for sketches/ etchings, watercolor paper for watercolor paintings/drawings and rolled canvas for oil paintings.

First, we’d like to explain our giclée printing process. Giclée printing is a technology that uses archival quality pigment-based inks and high-resolution printers to create museum-quality prints with vibrant colors. This process gives our prints superior longevity and color reproduction over regular inkjet-based printing processes. Our giclee prints are available on three different types of paper: fine art paper, watercolor paper and rolled canvas. 

FINE ART PAPER is our most popular paper and it’s easy to see why! It is thicker than normal paper (16mil, 300gsm) and made with 100% cotton rag media, so your prints have maximum longevity from fading over time due to its acid free nature. You won't need to worry about glare either as fine art paper has a matte finish that eliminates reflection. With fine art paper, you can rest assured that your artwork will remain vibrant for years to come. 

WATERCOLOR PAPER is the perfect choice for vivid fine art reproduction. Similar to our fine art paper it's a 100% cotton rag paper with a bright finish, but it's got more to offer than that! Watercolor paper is thicker (19mil, 305gsm) and lightly textured for added character and depth. The texture along with matte finish creates an effect when it comes to brushstrokes, giving them remarkable realism in the print. If you're looking to add a touch of realism to your fine art prints, watercolor paper is the way to go.

ROLLED CANVAS is constructed from a heavyweight cotton-poly blend (23mil, 395gsm). It is acid and lignin free for maximum longevity. Its matte surface ensures that colors remain vibrant with no fading; plus, the woven texture adds an additional level of individualized character to accentuate each brush stroke. If you're searching for a classic piece of art that will look like new for years to come, rolled canvas is well worth the investment! 

TIP: Rolled canvas has an elegant matte texture which immediately elevates the look of any artwork, especially oil paintings. Framing without glass lets its authentic texture take center stage.

Each of our fine art papers offers a unique benefit. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly option or want to add an authentic look and feel to your artwork with one of our textured options, all of our papers are created with high quality, archival materials. With their lasting color richness and stunning details, your walls can easily be transformed into an art gallery. With these tips in mind, you’re sure to pick a paper type that will elevate your giclee prints and wow everyone who sees them!



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