Our Top 10 Favorite Frames for Your Art!


Where can I find frames for my art? It's our number one FAQ and for good reason! Finding frames for your new artwork can seem like a daunting task. With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which frames are the best for your prints. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top ten favorite picture frames to help make finding frames easy. We've even been sure to include links for both Canadian and US customers. Read on to find out which frames we think would be perfect for your art!

Two picture frames displaying artwork.
 A natural wood frame and a basic black wood frame layered together.
Prints displayed: Low Tide IIBotanical II

Our list covers all the basics- including wood, black and gold frame options. No matter which of our art prints you choose, there's sure to be a picture frame from this collection that will work perfectly for you!  

1.  Natural Wood Frames Our most used frame, this natural toned oak wood frame looks amazing with every art print. Canada and US: Shop here 
2.  Basic Black Frames | The LBD of picture frames- basic, goes with everything and always looks great. This black frame comes in a metal option and an oak option. Canada and US: Shop here
3.  Simple Gold Frames | A medium toned gold frame with clean lines and crisp angles. The perfect frame to add a modern touch while maintaining a vintage feel. Canada Links: 11x14: Shop here | 8.5x11: Shop here | 8x10 thin: Shop here | 8x10 wide: Shop here | US Links: 11x14: Shop here | 8.5x11: Shop here | 8x10 wide: Shop here | 8x10 thin: Shop here
4.  Stratton Gold Frame | A simple gold frame with a beaded detail, available in a bright gold color and an aged bronze. Canada large sizes: Shop here | Canada small sizes: Shop here | US Large sizes: Shop here | US small sizes: Shop here
5.  Dark Gold Frame | A toned-down gold frame with a simple detail. Breaches the gap between modern and vintage. Canada and US: Shop here
6.  Whitewashed Oak Frame | We love how the wood tone shows through the white stain to create a softer, warmer white. Canada: Shop here | US: Shop here 
7. Lawrence Gold Frame | A bright gold frame with clean lines. Lawrence Frames uses real glass and a velvet backing which gives the frame a luxurious feel. Canada links: 5x7, 8x10, 8.5x11: Shop here | 11x14: shop here | US Links: 5x7: Shop here | 8x10: Shop here | 11x14: Shop here
8. Blonde Wood Frame | An inexpensive light wood frame. Canada Links: 5x7, 8x10, 11x14: Shop here | 16x20: Shop here | US Links:  5x7, 8x10, 11x14: Shop here | 16x20: Shop here
9. Medium Wood Frame | A honey toned wood frame with simple details. Canada: Shop here | US: Shop here
10. Ornate Gold Frame | We may have saved the best for last- this ornate gold frame is our favorite gold frame! The perfect gold tone with a beautiful ornate detail. Canada: Shop here | US: Shop here 
Our fave gold frame that pairs perfectly with almost any art print!
Pictured here with: Pears
Just a reminder- we are always happy to help with custom sizing! If you find a frame you love in a non-standard size, please reach out to us. All of our prints (digital and fine art) are able to be customized. Contact us here or email us at hello@shopoliveandoak.com. Happy shopping!
xo, Leslie

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